Muscle Sense

2017 York Region Science & Technology Fair: Silver medal and Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Award

Posted by Andrew Pun on August 18, 2020

In 2017, I entered the York Region Science & Technology Fair with my project called Muscle Sense. In the project, I created an Arduino robotic arm, which moved up and down by flexing your arm muscles. I achieved this by using a MyoWare EMG sensor.

The EMG-powered robotic arm. My display board.

In the project, I tested which part of the arm would output the most electrical activity, and used the EMG sensor to determine this.

One of the judges taking a look at my project.

With the project, I won the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Award, as well as a silver medal.

Me with a silver medal.

Here's the full report if you're interested. There's also a simple schematic on how to wire the circuit, as well as the Arduino code, if you want to try and make this project yourself.

Project report